Below are some (of the printable) comments made by other people about the cruising California site:

"That's nothing, I swam from San Francisco to San Diego, with my family on my back. Beat that!"

"Fantastic job mate, almost tempted to do it myself, it would be too easy with all that info!"

"I am another I30 owner and have thoroughly appreciated your posts and website about your trip."

"All I know how to say in this case is THANKS! You have given each of us out here who are working toward our cruising goal a great gift. Thanks for the time you put into your writing, the photos and for the wonderful insights. There is much wisdom in your observations and it will be a great help in planning for my first trip in my boat which will no doubt be to Catalina via Coho, Santa Barbara and then direct to Two Harbors."

"What a wonderful web site, Simply amazing!"

"Why on earth would you want to do that? Don't you realize you could have killed yourself?"

"Nice log of your trip."

"Very nice job on the website! I can't believe you did all that (learn to sail, buy boat and DO IT) in such a short time and with a family to boot. I also appreciate that fact that you are opinionated and agree that the Ca coast is amazing (Especially San Clemente, Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa and the backside of Santa Cruz Islands). You are a good student of the Latitude 38 philosophy. Thanks for the tips."

"Very interesting log and info on your trip."

"I hope to do the same as soon as I have finished varnishing my project boat."

"Great site and thanks so much for sharing it."

"This is a great journal."

"Very nicely done with lots of great information on coastal cruising."

"I am totally jealous. That looks a lot better than staring at a terminal of network traffic. Great boat! Bon voyage!"

"Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for all the info, the pics and advice were great!"

"Outstanding article !!! It hit my inbox at the right time. Time to start my plan for Spring 06 !"

"Just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying your website. So much information and very inspirational."

"Its people like you that are polluting the oceans with your beer cans and candy wrappers, go to Disneyland instead!"

"I just was turned onto your site. I think it's fantastic!"

"Nice site. Loved your emergency 2 hp motor."

"thanks so much for your wonderful journal and photos from your trip. makes good reading even to a non sailor"

"Great article. Helps give me the confidence to do it my self."

"thought it was great. I am so glad you enjoyed the trip and especially your stay here in Monterey"

"Wow...what an awesome treasure trove of a web site! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, opinions, etc."

"Thanks for putting together all that info! You have a really great site and it looks as tho you had one heck of a summer vacation! I hope to do the same trip you did some day soon! Thanks for the inspiration."

"Thank You for the beautiful photos!"

"You piss me off! I was hoping to go home half an hour ago it's after midnight on Sunday night - but then I started reading the site about your trip. Hilarious. Most such sites are awful, but I really liked yours and found it full of truths and insightful observations. Very, very good." - Richard Spindler, Executive Editor - Latitude38 magazine.

"this is exactly the kind of trip I want to take. very informative. many thanks for sharing your trip"

"What a wonderful story and adventure. This inspired me to possible stay right were I am and cruise this great state of ours. California. Your
right. There is wonderful cruising grounds right here at home. We just don't look at how green the grass is on our own side of the fence."

"I am really writing to let you know that your article has given me the info I needed to finally decide on a vessel. I have just purchased a 1977 Islander 30 partially based on your good fortune with one. Thanks for the inspiration."

"Joe, you bloody bastard. I was only going to buy a poorly-built beamy behemoth and do a little bay cruising with friends and neighbors. Swore I wouldn't even want to leave the Gate; no need ever for radar and the like, or more dreadful sailing lessons at OCSC, or a 5-month leave-of-absence from my job, an ultimatum with my sposal unit, etc.. After reading your blog, all that has changed. At least you saved me $30 or $40K dollars as I was looking for a $55K-ish 36-er and now I'll be looking for a $15-20K 30-32 foot-er that's seaworthy, so thanks. Your advice on boat buying and boat owning is priceless. Best of luck to you with future adventures.""

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